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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cabin Fever

It's setting in!

Can't wait to get to Stoney Acre and see the gang. This year we can ride bikes again at Bangor City Forest (could not last year as I was too assaulted from treatment), hike all over creation and generally be Southern Redneck nuisances. 

God, I love Maine.

The camp is old but sturdy as the granite boulders that surround it. When they were blasting Route 1A to make it wider, they indeed dynamited the cabin right off its foundation. But Mike and his father reset it and it has been solid ever since.

Last year we washed all the linens, pillows, quilts, towels, etc., and sealed it up nice and tidy in storage bins. Mouse and spider proof, with dryer sheets. That's the trick to a successful, clean camp - plastic and dryer sheets. Everything else is likewise packed in plastic, from utensils to toiletries.

Mikey did a hard target clean up of the ancient kindling and newspaper pile by the fireplace, aka, Mouseville. Sorry little rat've been evicted.

The weather is excellent there, vs. the fires of hell here. There's lots of work to do, as always, but mostly it's going to be time to relax and enjoy. Cook out and snuggle in flannel. Enjoy friends and campfires, starry skies, eating lobster rolls at Eagles Nest on Rt. 9 and searching for sea glass at Schoodic. Taking photos of the weird beauty of abandoned homes and cemeteries. 

I will be posting lots of pics of the experience this year, and maybe some videos as well, since I've been feeling so good. Stay tuned for Maine 2016!

Cones of Uncertainty

All this falling down, getting back up and trying to return to a quasi-normal life. Should I bother?

A former colleague died a few days ago, from BC metastasized.  Today another's sister is just entering Hospice after 8 years of this shit. 

Those wonderful statistics tell us that 30% of women diagnosed with BC will, at some point, become Stage IV (incurable). 

I'm working out, losing weight, staying positive, planning many things for the future. Surprising, lucrative things are developing career-wise. Purpose has returned and along with it, that precious sense of well-being. Vacation is in a week - nothing but wonderful things on the horizon, right?

Meanwhile, there's a tropical system churning away in the Gulf. Round yet ragged, just like the terrible tumor twins. Alive with potential and red pulsing destruction. 

Luckily, a front will sweep through and take it away before it can grow into a monster. We should be all clear in a few days and come through the storm pretty much intact.

I hate how nearly everything reminds me of cancer.