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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ordinary Wonders

Okay, I promise, not to become a survivor zealot, but simple things are a thrill these days. My husband's sexy way of looking at me sometimes. Owning a home. Waking up. Sleeping in. Clean sheets. Good coffee that is made before you wake up. Breath. Walking. More of less full range of motion. Rain, sun, wind, clouds. Time, money and ability to pursue hobbies. Being a fine cook. Watching something good on TV. Being truly loved and loving someone back. Having good pets that miss you when you are away. Not having cancer. 

These are all things that were taken for granted pre-BC, when I was a normal, healthy woman. 

I can't wait to taste the air in Maine and its piney, dense coolness. The dirt road up to the lake, rutted and rough in places, then flat and smooth. Leaves and rocks. Fall color just beginning in the trees. Apple orchards opening. Church bake sales. Yard sales and thrift stores by the dozen. Road trips to the ocean, deep woods and cities. Napping. Reading, hearing the wind rustle the tall birch trees. Visiting with friends--drinking cheap wine with Kim; eating Cindy's amazing food; driving with Bruce at the wheel telling ghost stories and thus scaring the shit out of us on a dark Maine night; finding Dolly at the old place. Branch Lake, Eagle's Nest, Bangor's old and charming streets. 

And the best thing of all, at the end of each day of adventure and fun, snuggling with my husband in flannel, listening to the night creatures and drifting off to sleep.