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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This is your song

I am a big fan of black humor. It's a perfect accessory that works with anything-an abusive childhood, loss of love, sickness. It goes best with cancer, because cancer is an bullying asshole, and what is better than laughing in a bully's face?  I got such pleasure from flicking my cancer the bird. It took away its awful power and made others laugh. Here is a little song I wrote to the tune of, "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off". My nurse Donna and I would link arms and sing it while doing Rockette kicks down the hall.  Try it next time you are at chemo and enjoy giving BC the finger! 

Went to the doctor

Had a lump in my boobie
He took one look and said
Oh, this is not goody!

Perjeta, Herceptin

Here's a bucket you can puke in
Then we'll cut both tits off!

Months of chemo and alot of pill poppin

Soon it's surgery and a flat chest I'll be rockin

Perjeta, Herceptin

That radiation's gonna melt ya
After we have cut them off!!!