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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Neuplasta and me. Only $7,500 per shot!

Chemo is one thing and Neulasta is another. But together, they made me feel toxic and miserable.

Simplified, Neulasta makes your bones produce more white blood cells, because chemo kills them off along with the cancer. We really need those WBCs as it turns out. My long bones ache deeply as if a horrendous flu is coming on. Claritin, of all things, takes the edge off. But I really begin to dread the Neulasta shot itself, because the needle is long and injected in the BACK of my triceps. It takes time to slowly push it, otherwise, it really hurts. I only have to protest the speed a few times. The syringes are a nightmare to look at. Mike says they remind him of the Terminator with their sleek, cold lines and strangely mechanical appearance. Soon I am calling it Newblasta, and laughing it off. But really those injections are awful and I will cry about them every time, in private, when no one is looking.