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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Buffy the Breast Cancer Slayer

There is a time, in the 80's, that I am a devoted aerobic gym rat. There is a nice gym for women only, and I use the hell out of it for years. High impact, low impact, sculpt, the sauna....I love it all and it shows. My late 20's are my best as far as physical fitness goes. My ass and abs are chiseled and shapely. Then, somewhere between 28 and 35, I let it go to shit. 

Slowly and by degrees, I allow my sedentary desk job to take over. Too tired to work out after a 10 hour day. Too much trouble. It's raining out. You get the idea. 

Today, after many, many years of neglecting my body, I joined a gym. My husband started me on the path to fitness by making my dead ass walk every night after my diagnosis. Now though, it's so beastly hot here that one risks heatstroke so I figured it best to take it inside.  

My gym is co-ed, and huge. It has many fancy machines, treadmills, ellipticals, stair-climbers and stationary bikes. I signed up for classes too, so tomorrow is Yoga Sculpt day! The price is very fair and I'm motivated to go, because it simply feels good to sweat. They play cool music and the staff is helpful and friendly. 

I do wish that during my long period of recovery that I'd started sooner and with something at home. The Biggest Loser has a program that offers a 15 day free trial, boot camp style. See the link on the right sidebar and check it out.