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Monday, October 13, 2014

Suck it Cancer!

Ice sucking does prevent mouth sores. Very hard last few days and just....blech. I worry about progression and things I have zero control over. Dark places to be, but remember, the light is there, we can do it 2 more times! I napped today and give into the need for sleep whenever I can. It seems to help. 

I get caught up in why me and anger thinking and it is useless, but at times hard to stop. Must remember: Be kind to yourself. Halloween ghoulies we are, my next tx is on Halloween. How fucking fitting. Thinking of dressing up as a freaky bald clown or a zombie, neither of which will require much makeup. Dressing up would be a big FU to cancer! Suck it, IDC! Hmmmm...maybe I will.