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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now all I need is a flying house

experiencing extreme highs and lows mentally. How about 12 days out from my third chemo now, and finally feel human. I did not anticipate such drastic and ongoing digestive issues, just thought I would be tired! The never ending nausea is the worst. Nothing they prescribe, or any home remedies totally remove it, it still lingers, torturing me. Today it finally seems to be relenting and at least the Big D is under control. I miss the halcyon days of my prior excellent health.

I'm dreading the rest of my chemo but then I try and feel my tumors - and cannot find them!. I picture them like the wicked witch in Oz...skittering around to quickly, green and black and full of evil, with a winged monkey tossed in here and there. And perjeta is the rain! "I'm meeeeelltiiiiiiiiiiing.." Herceptin then is Glinda the Good Witch, and every wave of her wand (infusion) spreads glittery good health to me and glowing death to tumors and confused cells!

I watched that movie waaaaay too much as a child.