Friday, May 19, 2017

Downward Dog Days of Summer

No, this woman in the pic is NOT me. Yet. 

About a year ago, when trying to get in shape too quickly, I suffered a debilitating hamstring tear and knee pull. Probably I should have gone to the doctor, but my hatred of all things medical prevented such. And, it did heal on its own. After a very, very, very long  and pain-filled year. Still not 100%, but it is improving with my new exercise routine.

Yes!!! I'm finally back at it. This time, it's different - I'm using my head and going very slowly. It helps that it's so bloody blazing hot outside that any outdoor activity such as bike riding is off till November. I'm stuck inside the a/c with my Acacia subscription and free Youtube videos, both of which are awesome.

Acacia is through Amazon Prime Channels - it's $6.99 a month and worth it. Loads of beginner, low impact, short videos to get me going. Youtube has Jessica Smith TV and she's likewise got tons of short, easy to do, beginner programs. I'm walking, stretching, doing cardio and push-ups for the first time in years. Well I did one push-up, but you have to begin somewhere, right? 

Also, after that hamstring tear, a few things are apparent. It's not 1988 and I'm not in my twenties - no longer can I whip myself into shape in a week. I'm done with overdoing it and getting nowhere except on a crutch. Best to focus on what I can do right now, and build upon it slowly. A lifestyle change, not a quick fix. You know the rest.

Anyways, last night was a Kathy Smith 30 minute interval video with weights and cardio and I'm feeling the pain, which is well-earned and better than any cookie ever tasted.