Thursday, April 13, 2017

Taking to the Woods

It's been too long since our last servings of camp coffee.

It's a big year for us. My 50th birthday and our 27th wedding anniversary. 

Everything takes on new meaning and urgency after cancer. Not so long ago, I'm refusing cake on my birthdays, not decorating for holidays, not preparing special meals. You are always worrying about recurrence or discovering that all that expensive, nasty, mutilating treatment you took just slightly delayed the inevitable journey to Stage IV. It gets real scary at year 3 post treatment, right where we are. Whatever will be will be, as Doris would cheekily sing. Still. I no longer assume that I will necessarily reach my golden years and have unlimited stretches of existence. 

So, we kick around the idea of seeing Billy Idol in Vegas. That would be awesome, but after consideration of the painful travel and expense, it becomes clear that's not it. What do we need?  Something peaceful, relaxing and filled with nature, where we need no fancy clothing or large amounts of cash. 

Florida has many natural springs which we have never been to, and a huge national forest up north that is very different from our local scrub pines and palmetto filled tiny patch of woods. There are fresh waters and large, undeveloped, pristine forested areas with shady trails galore, geocaching, antique stores and miles of country roads. 

We discover an RV resort with all the amenities, right in the middle of Ocala National Forest, and directly across the street from springs. We will ride bikes, fish off the dock, swim in the springs and the pool, lounge around in the huge, luxury RV and have fires at night. All we really need to bring is food and our personal items. There's a golf cart provided too, and a Dollar General store at the entrance to our park -- what more do we need?