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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Do not tell me about your friend

Yeeeeeep.Another Pinktober, another inappropriate asshole.

Please do not tell me of your friend, unless she is a BC asskickin', NO RECURRENCE having, cured bitch.

WHY do people tell me horrible stories?

Friday, here she comes. She's a firm client, and so, to tell her to fuck off means no job for me. So instead, I listen...her friend got BC at 31, now she's 48 and GUESS WHAT?! Yeeeeep, mets to liver, bone, etc. All of if is disclosed, in graphic, horrific detail. 

Please please please. Do not tell us about your friend, mom, aunt, sister, whatever - if it involves bad news, a recurrence and/or mets. It really does not HELP us. All it does it inspire nightmares and unpleasant thoughts. WTF?  

I hate people.