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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Creating a Void

Today I am inspired to create a beautiful, clean and functional nest. This necessitates shopping at Home Goods and finally canning those teflon pans in favor of stainless. 

The first rule of Feng Shui is clearing clutter, items that are not serving you, or that carry any negative energy. The plastic cooking utensils are off to Goodwill, along with an old crock pot that reminds me of an evil person. Two garbage bags are filled with old packing papers and the like, that have been taking up space for years. The tiny bathroom closet is organized, the old clothing is in my trunk, and already it feels lighter.

Donated many pots-all Teflon coated and probably cancer-causing. Funny how I thought we needed so much cookware for just two people. 

Having a small house, and it being Florida, we don't use the big oven much, and that is where the pots were kept. Always had trouble organizing them, moving them in the Fall, and forget the lids. 

The oven is clear and the vintage Pyrex is now organized neatly in an upper cabinet. 

Let the baking begin!