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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cake for No Reason

Fall is so teasing in Florida. 

Mondays pre-cancer, you'd never, ever find me home on a fine October morning. Instead of enjoying the end of months of boiling temperatures, I'd be at my tiny desk, dutifully cranking out reams of hatred by 8:15. After all, nothing good happens over the weekend when you work in family law. Every Monday held another avalanche of strife and strife requires legal interventions. Lots and lots of them.

What a treat to sleep in and have nothing on your schedule. To leisurely hang around the house with no rushed, frantic motions. The freelance project is nearly done. No court deadlines, no hideous stacks of paper to sling, no horrid stress. 

I'm grateful for the lovely weather and the means to enjoy it.  No chemo today! Sometimes you forget. My life is utterly changed from my dx date in 2014. And it's good. 

So just for the hell of it, and really for no reason at all, a freshly frosted carrot cake now chills in the fridge. Mikey likes his cake cold, when the frosting is just slightly crunchy.