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Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 4, 2014-Cupcakes, fried chicken

I have so much trouble 2 weeks post chemo. Most things repulse me, except of course for cupcakes, cake, and fried chicken. My onco said just go ahead and eat what I want right now but try not to gain any weight. I am overweight now by about 30 pounds. A gal in my support club posted about Cap'n Crunch, and that sounded so darn good-I have a box in the pantry ha ha. The only other thing I can eat post chemo is potatoes. So tired of them! Mashed, fried, tater tots, baked, boiled. Beginning to hate them.

I am walking every night and that really feels good. No eye problems for me yet.

Oh, radiation.  I've been reading the boards and it doesn't sound too horrible. It really sounds a lot less horrible than chemo! We can do this.