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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Bitch is Back!

Maine was wonderful, and more posts about the vacation will follow. Meanwhile, enjoy my handsome hubby and our camp in this photo.

Awoke yesterday and realized perhaps there is some post-traumatic stress going on. 

I feel almost back to normal and stellar distances from it.  Did a temporary gig for an extremely unpleasant (and of course, very successful) divorce attorney. I loved the staff and never saw the attorney once, which is good, considering how much the staff hates said counsel. Did another one for a very cool real estate attorney in a beautiful office with nice people. My mental fog has cleared (the chemo brain that your oncologist will say does not exist) and my physical energy is rising in proportion to my fitness. Maybe if my doctors had told me with authority that working out would make such a marked, immediate difference I'd committed sooner.