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Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Cabin in the Woods

We are fortunate to have a vacation place in Maine. It's nothing fancy - but if you love old log cabins surrounded by beauty, it's perfect. 

It's an original cabin built by hand in 1927. Solid as concrete now. We have owned it since 2006, but it's been in Mike's family for decades. We have many friends that all live nearby and which Mike has known since he was a child. I just cannot wait to see them and it will be soon. 

Last year, just before we were to leave for our Maine vacation, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Allegiant Air refused to refund our tickets. I suppose the credit they offered, sans a $150.00 "service fee" and their offer of extending the travel date till March 2015 was decent. However, when I advise that March is not an ideal travel date for MAINE, and that I was still undergoing active treatment and very ill, they refused and scolded me for not being smart enough to purchase travel insurance. So, fuck you Allegiant. I am sure our $600 saved you from bankruptcy. 

My friend Kim lives there, and though I was not lucky with my birth family, my good fortune is with friends. Kim is wicked funny, has a bottomless heart and I love her like a sister. We are low maintenance women - our favorite things to do are site-seeing, day trips, thrift store shopping. At night, we sit around a campfire, chit chat, drink some beer, eat some good food and laugh our asses off. Our husbands together are nearly manageable, but they are like two peas in a pod. They put up with us giving them crap and acting like fools. There is no better time spent than with Kim and Bruce. 

We like to take night walks up to the pristine, unspoiled lake by our camp. It is a nature conservation area, which means there are no houses built right on the lake and never will be. It's as quiet and beautiful as anyplace can be. Nothing like the stars and moon seen from a high lake in Maine, with no interfering city lights, people, or sounds (except woodland creatures crunching on brush). It's the antithesis of Sarasota and I absolutely crave it.