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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Deportation and it feels so good.....

I am now deported.

The port removal goes fine. Excellence in staff and facilities makes a huge difference. My pre-op RN is also a cancer survivor. We are legion.

The coffee tastes like heaven in the recovery room and since I need little pain control, we are out of there before noon. Taking it easy today, it is pretty sore but nothing like after insertion. I'm taking mild painkillers as needed, with a chaser of stool softener and prunes. 

The notion that all my active treatments are completed has still not entirely sunken in, but the absence of the port feels wonderful. I want to leave this hellish foreign place for my old, familiar country. This land is full of gravely, scary roads and shadows, hidden ruts where I get lost. Dead ends and swamps of pain. The only way through it is to keep moving, ignore the horrors and hang on.

I think I'm near to home.