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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is it Fall yet?

San Francisco is over now, so back to the gym tomorrow.

There is personal trainer that wants to school me back to fitness for only 70.00 per hour. My stretch marks are older than he is. I do not doubt his abilities though, it's just that there is a little medical debt thing and I have not worked a full-time job in a year. Sorry kiddo, maybe next year for a session.

My legs and arms feel so much stronger. I have more flexibility now. A simple resistance band has greatly improved range of motion. There is a yoga class that I can do, shaking and with lots of effort.

Feels like this Fall will be wonderful for us.  Looking forward to cool weather and cozy nights working on things that time used to never allow--mastering Chinese and Asian recipes, art projects and house decorating, possibly knitting, writing a book or two, reading more and planning our next trip.  New York is very appealing, as is Seattle and British Columbia. Maybe Spain?