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Monday, July 27, 2015

Hair and Boobs-a tribute

I have only two physical gifts in this life - my hair and my boobs. Well, I used to.

Of course the boobs are long gone, replaced by scar tissue and hazy memories of their amazing 1980's superpowers. That was a good decade for us...fables of the reconstruction can never come close to the originals. Damn right - they were exceptional. Perfectly shaped, perfectly sized C cup, perfect nipples, all of it.  I know I was lucky. 

As for the hair, it's back but has changed personalities. Whereas it used to be thick, soft and straw straight, it is now still thick, but oddly wavy and coarser. Like I always wished it was. It takes moments to style - towel dry and hair paste. That's it. It will stay all day, and does whatever I want it to. 

It is very normal for the hair to come back differently after chemo. Some say that eventually, it will return to its usual pre-BC state. Some say it won't. 

I hope it stays though - it's one reminder that I can live with.