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Monday, June 15, 2015

I don't wanna work, just wanna write on my blog all day

I love that song, don't you?  So apprapo of my feelings now. 

And that will likely happen soon, since yours truly is working for a "difficult" person right now. The translation of course, is utter narcissistic sociopath, who likes to pick on women and make them cry. Legendary for this charming trait. Well, this is gonna be fun, because unlike those other poor women, I have no fear of the crazy. Been through chemo and radiation, remember? Oh! And they cut off my BREASTS. So I am now very protective of my body and mind. My days of enduring the ranting and raving of a maniac are long over. But I will take the cash until the first episode of psycho emerges, then tapping out. Next!