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Friday, August 29, 2014

Tearing out my the most literal sense

Packing up the cooler right now, Mike is wondering what they serve today for breakfast. It is at outpatient hospital, and the food is weirdly delicious. 

Oh, hair. Mine is all gone now, down to skull. Had to shave it twice due to lovely patchy fallout. I have a bad moment, when it falls out in huge clumps during a walk around the block. As the lovely, expensively treated hair falls on the ground, I begin laughing my ass off. Mike is horrified and begs me to stop, but I cannot. It's! 

Later on I will understand that I perhaps was in shock and barely holding on. My hair was my thing, along with my breasts, which for now at least are still attached, although deadly and zero fun. I find that if I wear a baseball hat when out, no one notices. I think wigs are not for me, too hot here, but may try some out.