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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Finding Dr. Silver

Dr. Silver is my Oncologist.

She resembles a brainier Tina Fey, and dresses stylishly. Over the next year, she will always look like she is dressed for a nice luncheon with the girls, instead of trying to cure me of cancer. 

Our first meeting goes like this. I left Dr. Nora's office on Friday. He promised then to refer me over to Dr. Silver, a colleague. He did say it may take a week or so for her to get with me, as she is also a highly sought after commodity in cancer land. People say things like, she is the breast cancer guru! How did you get in with her? She is a healer!

I've spent the weekend sleepless despite the scrip for Xanax from Dr. Prakash, wondering when I'm going to die. Also, there is the small matter of my full-time, stress-filled job that I am at Monday morning when I receive a telephone call. 

It's not Dr. Silver's office, it's her. She introduces herself and asks me if I have time to come on over right now. Oh, and she says, it's not "Dr. Silver". Call me Caryn.