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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Next Year is Going to Suck

Dr. Nora is shorter than I expect. He enters the exam room still wearing scrubs and head wrap. He has soulful eyes and a sense of humor. It is easy to imagine many patients falling in love with him.

On the wall behind him hang my films from various scans. My husband tells me to stop staring but it's impossible not to. The multiple masses that my faithful mammograms missed, likely for years, are apparent.

Dr. Nora is highly regarded, experienced and specializes in oncology breast surgery. He is with the best surgical practice in town and impossible to get to without a referral. In the future, every person that asks me who my surgeon is will smile and gush upon hearing his name. They say things like, you have the best, he is amazing, you are in good hands, he saved my wife/husband/brother.

Dr. Nora patiently discusses the process. Then he says something that I am unable to fully appreciate for some time. The next year, he says, soulful eyes unblinking, is going to suck.