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Saturday, August 9, 2014

I prefer port wine vs. the kind going into my jugular

My chemo port is installed within 7 days of my diagnosis. There's many tests one must do before beginning chemo. 3D mammogram. Ultrasound biopsy. MRI. Bone Scan. All to determine if there it has spread beyond the lymph nodes and breast. It's exhausting and anxiety provoking.

The port surgery goes fine. I'm all prepped with the Mikester by my side when Dr. Nora sticks his handsome face in the room just to say hello prior to surgery. There's a new edge to him - all business and serious. I like it.

I wake up with a lump on my left chest, just below my collarbone. It's covered with many layers of dressing and is very sore. Chemo begins tomorrow.