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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why I oughta

Made Day Before Payday Fried Rice! It is real easy, delish and healthy and will not hurt me. So proud....that is the full extent of my activities today. Nauseated alot but able to eat.

My hairs are growin back too, weird lookin. My nails are growing like crazy. Polished them nice, they feel strong. Very fatigued all day, had to lay in recliner alot. I slept nice last night too! How nice that is. Goin down soon tonight too, not fighting it.

Listening to loads of old radio mystery noir type audiobooks each night and enjoying getting swept away. The language is lyrical and quaint. Lots of steamppunky London and old school America....The fellas are dreamboats and all the dames have great pins! I am such a dork.

NO more freakin' side effects! It is getting ridiculous. Candy does not like Mondays.