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Monday, November 3, 2014

Train, train...take me on outta this town

Keep thinking ahead and it is only ONE more, but this just sucks. I feel like a train hit me. Again with the Nausea, Big D, and worst fatigue ever. Last round was so good to me! Why? I am very very down. I barely moved yesterday and slept for crap, for 12 hours tossing and turning. 

Oh my god, the scary thoughts about the surgery. Keep dreaming of my onco performing major surgery while I am awake, and she just looks very bored. No distress for me during is the weird part-I am bored too! Also, she resembles Tina Fey. An even brainier version.

Gonna ask my PS if I can keep my nips and skin. Special K says it may be possible, but still means TE. Well.. I find out soon enough. I may decide to do a flap. I have no idea of what i want or am a candidate for. Too much to think about, overwhelming. So... give up for now.

This chit is kickin my ass.