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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Port a Pissy

I of course have a port, but would prefer it be out after chemo, and use a vein for the Herceptin. The port sticks hurt, even when they freeze it. I never let them draw blood from the port, to protect against infection. 

My pal in chemo Eileen told me that she can eat spiced peaches okay, so I just took her advice and they are staying down okay. Had to force them though....better today but have a slight headache, darn it. Waiting till later to shop.

I love Mexican food. Oh, it was a gross error in judgment.  But it was all I wanted....and my body rejected it. That was a rough day. Today it's single serve frozen veggies, a few Stouffers entrees, and other ready made goodies. Including some excellent fried chicken! I have to toss out the lovely salad I made a few days ago, for some reason seeing it makes me feel sick. Well, I tried. 

Update: Made it to the store. Bought garbage like frozen dinners, ice cream, muffins. And some other stuff that Mikey can make himself. Was eating chicken wings in car like an animal driving home, a real fine moment for me! Sort of like the zombies on the living dead... guess I was hungry after all.