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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Last Dance with Princess Chemo

Someone in my chemo group articulated very well the emotional sequence we are now experiencing. In the beginning we had no time to process, we operate on adrenaline and guts, appointments and schedules consume us, and we fumble on. Now, with an end to chemo in sight and scary surgery ahead, our emotional needs come screaming to the surface. It happens in each sequence and will really hit when we are "done" with tx entirely. It made me feel better and understand that it is okay!  On the really good side, rads sound like a breeze compared to this. For most. 

So up early and doing much better so far. Yesterday had to lay prone nearly entirely lest I feel the nausea. Today I need to get things done, and hope to be productive and ship out ebay stuff and clean my cluttered house. Mikey is working all day again, good for us both. ICan actually feel hunger this morning, another good sign.