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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Just chillin

Everyone seems better today, woohoo, me too! I made a very intricate chili recipe, lots of ingredients but very easy. It is unbelievable. Nice to cook, slow and low..... Worth the effort. What the hell, I can eat chili! It is a Christmas miracle!

I am going to bed very early. Slept so good last night, it was awesome...ready to do it again. Listening to Murder on the Orient Express on audible books each night, love it and so relaxing...had lucid dreams too. 

Cleaned my kitchen today and rearranged artwork, house looks better and cheery. I must have clean house. No stinky garbage, nice clean floors and really bothers me if I cannot clean. It gives me an outlet for my OCD too. So nice to have the house open, weather is stupid good. Hubby worked all day and had nice, much needed, alone time. Danced around the kitchen a little while jamming on 80's tunes.

I was not going to do my last round ladies, but wise chemo veterans here convinced me to. I feel powerful again, kick-ass. F&$@ cancer! This chit will be sooowwwwry it picked me.