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Monday, November 3, 2014

I need a bucket now

Wish I could car ride but it gives me the worst motion sickness. Never had that before, good times! Really cannot eat anything either...hungry a little but mostly sickened. Would love some Chinese takeout...maybe...I think. Maybe if I drive instead of ride, I will not get car sick? They are open all night so I may make it there yet. Then again, maybe not. Puke, or eat? Think about food, and dry heave? Don't eat, and suffer endless nausea and stomach pains anyway? Hmmmmnnnn....choices.

Guess then I shan't be angry that my induction range is on the fritz and needs service. We had to turn off that breaker as it kept beeping incessantly, for no reason, today. So nice for one's nerves. At least I do not need it to COOK anything. I suppose the timing of my latest food aversions is a silver lining of sorts. My appliance is very considerate, yes?

Number 5 ain't a charm, and I just dunno if I can even do #6. I am just guzzling ginger ale tonight and plan to make it through the whole 32 oz bottle. White knuckling it and praying tomorrow is better.