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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun in the Woods

Today is pack up prep day for weekend away in the RV in the woods. Going to cook burgers and hot dogs, (organic, no nitrates, grass ed, etc.) and try to be normal. Looking forward to seeing folks and not focusing on the big C. We ride our bikes slowly around the park, see wildlife and just relax in front of the campfire. Also our RV has all the comforts should I need those.

I go for labs today and to onco tomorrow am, and really resent it when I am forced to face reality. Today, yesterday, when feeling good I can almost pretend I do not have cancer at all. All this medical chit makes it real. Damn this real life.

Been educating myself on lymphedema, oh joy. I need to because I will have at least one node removed, and likely alot more plus rads, whic really ups my risk. I should become very skilled with my left hand because it is more common in right handed/right lymph node involved ladies. Super news!

Ech, sorry to be debbie downer but it is very, very depressing. I know it may not strike me, but then I never thought BC would either. AND I quit drinking so no nice glass of wine to sort me out! Hmmm maybe just a glass at camp.