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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Enough already with the friggin needles

I am gearing up for it-today is Neuplasta day. HATE it but must be done.
I hope my little heart is okay, all this chemo can damage it. This scares me. Will get another MUGA after chemo.

New odd SE yesterday with food-total aversion, but not due to nausea---just...could not care less. Ate zero all day and had no hunger pangs. Had to force myself to eat dinner, and a small salad. Things do lack taste. I will take it over the sick feeling, smell issues and the big D! Also, I slept for 14 hours so I guess this round knocked me out too. We are shopping after Neuplasta shot, then no plans except house stuff as SE allow. Hope to cook alot today, love to bake and it is chilly out. 
Yes, there will be cake involved.