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Thursday, November 6, 2014


I was sort of a data analyst pre BC. I analyzed how foolish people get during a divorce case! Nowadays I analyze Judge Mathis......

Feel sickly pregnant with an ill mannered, demon infested tumor baby. It is getting a chemo exorcism though.  

Mikey has a new method of telling people to shut their talk holes. Right when they begin with, "my friend had BC and..." He holds his hands updirectly in front if their mouth and says, "Before you say anything, does this story have a happy ending, or involve only positive information? We are not interested in anything else. Otherwise, stop speaking please." It has stopped more than one fool from ruining my day. 

My onco nurse promises that Herceptin alone is a breeze for most. Oh, cannto freaking wait till chemo is over. Fear going any place for 5-7 days post chemo as the big D is unpredictable. So I am a shut in mostly during that time. 

I am not working now so the days can be long and lonely. Way, way too much time to think.

So my next AND LAST tx is the Friday before Thanksgiving. Am gonna miss my nurses, but also never wish to see them again.