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Sunday, November 23, 2014

2 days after LAST CHEMO

Slept lots last 2 days, and the dreaded Neulasta is today. This am woke up with raging big D, but I will medicate more for it and be good with food. I keep telling myself only 10 more days of feeling low, maybe less if I am lucky. I can do coffee today and that is a bonus. My sweet kitty did not leave my side all night, she knows!

No tree yet, they should have some out this weekend in the tent places. Monday and Tuesday are big days for me. Meet with radiologist and BS. I am sure to be busy shopping for my surgery supplies soon, as it will likely be within about 10-15 days! I am ready-ordered a cheap zip front sports bra online and will use the list from the board for the looking into big fake prosthesis now hahaha.