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Friday, October 24, 2014

The Bald and the Beautiful

Did lose 10 pounds during initial dx through 2nd chemo. Till recently was only able to eat high carb crap, so no more loss, but no gain either. I need to lose more but am just getting through chemo for now, so not pushing it. Weird, round four and I am HUNGRY now! Had zero appetite before, just did protein drinks. 

I met an angel in the grocery store today. We locked eyes, she being bald and me being bald under a hat. We nodded in unison and recognition. She told me that they gave her 3 years, she had brain cancer, but this was her 7th! Her hair will not grow back over the top of her scars, so she shaves the rest of it. What a beautiful, glowing energy she had, she just radiated joy and health! Her eyes sparkled and she had on lovely earrings and boho clothing. She gave zero F's about anyone not being comfortable with her baldness. She rocked it!

I nearly whipped my own hat off too. I will remember her for a long time.