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Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014-Just like Lady and the Tramp....

I never know what will repulse me so end up dragging my aching body to the store every few days, and buying whatever does not make me dry heave at that particular moment. Trying to eat more fruit and veg this round. I hate refined carbs and processed food, and have been forced to eat them nearly to exclusion. Four more good days before next chemo, I can eat whatever I want now! Going to enjoy spaghetti with sauce, jalapeno cheese, milk with cereal, pizza, yum! 

Wonder if my hair will grow back after chemo, when I will be on perjeta and herceptin alone for 6 months? Am starting to miss it. Mourning my breasts too--they are REALLY getting surgically removed and they are trying to kill me. It is going to get very intense real soon and I am not sure I can joke my way through that, like I have been doing so far.