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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Holding on

The fatigue. I want to stop taking chemo, so much at times. But today is a treasure, a surprise. I woke up hungry and made breakfast! And it tastes great! And smells are not making me dry heave! And a normal bm! It is the little things....

Think I got my meds right. Skipping the gross melting oral Zofran and take the other pill, and it works great for nausea. Then every other night, take one Imodium. And eat nothing that will set me off. And drinking tons of water and diluted fruit juice with ice. Also, taking my probiotic. Think its's the right combo. Also, always have a tiny bit of carbs in my tummy. After chemo, am doing a diet overhaul.

But, have Neulasta aches today so am medicating. If I can just hold on.