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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nacho normal nausea

My support group gave me great ideas and helpful info. I was not good, until my iv infusion a week ago and that was better. But 2 days after though, the nausea and sick feeling started again albeit at a lower level. 

Still, I can't ride in a car because the feelings never totally go away...tried Seabands, ginger gum and nothing works. I've tried immodium for the trots but it didn't work. I tried the zofran and the other med for nausea and they did nothing at all. 

This being said, I know now that my food choices are the issue! Mexican food--was trying to eat taco salad ha ha. Also eating cheese and other dairy--big mistake! And many other things i was warned not to. Duh!

After reading all my new friends' tips I am on the BRAT diet now. Also, no coffee. Also will talk to onco for alternative meds tomorrow. 

Thanks for being there for me ladies. No one else gets it!