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Friday, September 19, 2014

Chemo #3 and me

One of my friends is having problems with her liver. I too am overweight and really need to drop some pounds. It is not easy - wanted to do a raw food diet but find it impossible with the state of my intestines and gut right now, so I'm doing a lot of soups with organic vegetables cooked very well, but still do better with carbohydrates.... Rice, potatoes, bread, all the things that bloat. 

I had Chemo three today and no problems yet, but I'm learning that the problems start to creep up after Neulasta shot. Anyway I'm ready. Claritin and tylenol! Going to be doing a lot of smoothies, with almond milk bananas and maybe peanut butter if I can tolerate it. 

I tell myself: rest, hydrate, pray, meditate, cry, eat what you can, walk, whatever you need to do to get through this chit.